Making Your Home A Reality

Reputation for Excellence

Founded in 2002 by Kevin Downey and Bob Loshbaugh, LDH Construction is a premier home builder in the Kansas City Metro area. Kevin and Bob have a combined 60+ years in residential building and development, and this experience is evident in their final product. Clients seeking custom or semi-custom homes rely on LDH Construction’s experience and reputation for outstanding home quality and superb personal attention throughout the design and building process.

LDH Construction- Quality Homes

Partnerships & Communications

LDH Construction has many popular home plans that can be customized to meet your needs, or LDH can build your completely custom dream home. Kevin and Bob partner with seasoned professionals to assist with finance and design, ensuring your vision is realized and dream home becomes a reality.

LDH Construction enjoys long-standing relationships with talented and meticulous craftsmen. These craftsmen take great pride in delivering the highest quality work and demonstrate a commitment to Kevin and Bob’s high standards at every stage of the building process. Kevin and Bob are deeply involved in every project, oversee all construction, and are on the job site each day. Maintaining frequent communication with clients is our highest priority and ensures the client’s expectations are always met.

Energy Efficiency

LDH Construction optimizes space and energy for homeowners by making high-efficiency HVAC systems standard features. Using tankless water heaters and whole-house humidifiers ensure clients minimize utility costs as well. Kevin and Bob ensure their homes are as efficient as they are beautiful.

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